Symposium Programme – EBCL Project Launch, London

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Learning and Teaching of Asian and African Languages in the 21 st  Century
Key issues and future directions

SOAS, University of London 8-9 November 2010

DAY 1- Monday 8th Nov 2010

Benchmarking Asian and African languages: issues and directions

12:30 – 13:30       Registration in the Foyer, SOAS Main Building, Russell Square Campus, London WC1H 0XG
( with tea and coffee in G3

13:45     Symposium  Opening  – G2 : Chair – Dr Iwasaki
1.   Welcome remarks by Prof A Pauwels, Dean, Faculty of Languages and Cultures, SOAS
2.   Start up of the ECBL project  by Dr  G Zhang, Director of the SOAS Language Centre and Coordinator of the EU ECBL project (Presentation)

14:00 -   Keynote speeches
1. Professor J Bellassen: CEFR and Chinese – case and experience in France
2. Dr J Yamada-Bochynek: Project OJAE – Oral Japanese Assessment Europe, a CEFR-Oriented Speaking Test: CEFR-Linking of Japanese-specific CDS (Can-do Statements), Test-Production, Data Collection, Assessment in Reliability and Validity

15:30     Tea/coffee break in G3

15:50 -   Presentation 1 – Chair: – Dr A Biltoo

Mary Ruane, Mary-Elaine Tynan and Purity Mutea, UCD Applied Language Centre, Ireland
Using the CEFR to develop an approach to teaching Swahili in a higher education context

Dr A Biltoo, SOAS Language Centre, UK
Need and approach to develop framework for less widely taught languages

Ass. Prof Gulden Tum, Faculty of Education, Çukurova University, Turkey
CEFR and Turkish language

16:50 – 17:00      A  short break

17:00 -  Presentation 2 and final discussion (20 minutes) – Chair – Dr A Biltoo

Dr Bernard ALLANIC, Renne 2 University, France
Chinese character, words and CEFR

Huesan DO (for Andreas Guder) , Free University Berlin, Germany
HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) and CEFR.

Dr  George X Zhang, SOAS Language Centre, UK
Quest for Chinese link with CEFR: Chinese language courses at SOAS Language Centre

19:00     Dinner (China City Restaurant) – Optional (menu available and payment on registration):


DAY 2 – Tuesday 9th Nov 2010

Training of teachers of Asian and African languages: Issues and Directions

9:00 – 10:30        Keynote speeches (G2) – Chair: Dr George X Zhang
1. Prof Bellassen: Training of Teachers of Chinese in France
2.  Prof Pauwels: Training Teachers in the Languages of the Wider World: experiences from SOAS and beyond

10:30 – 10:50       Tea/coffee break in G3

10:50 -   Presentation 1  – Chair: Dr Noriko Iwasaki

Prof  J O’Brien, Ireland
Teaching of Arabic to non native speakers

Mr  Y Omar, Language Centre, SOAS, UK
Arabic language teaching and Arabic teacher education in the UK: issues and directions

Dr  Yan Cui, Department of China and Inner Asia, SOAS, UK
Issues involved in teaching Chinese listening skills at elementary level

11:50 – 12:00      A  short break

12:00 –  Presentation 2 and final discussion  – Chair: Dr Noriko Iwasaki

Prof.  Y Miyazoe-Wong, Graduate School, J. F. Oberlin University, Japan
Learning through participation: MA in teaching Japanese as a foreign language

Dr Lucien Brown, Centre for Korean Studies, SOAS, UK
Teaching non-honorific speech styles in Korean

Dr Amine Çakır Surmeli, Figen Yılmaz, Turkish Studies, SOAS, UK
Teaching Turkish as a foreign language in the 21st century

13:20 -13:30        Summary of discussion sessions and closing – Chair: Dr George Zhang
13:30 -     Sandwich lunch in G3 and departure

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