1. EBCL Launch Symposium


2. EBCL Rome Seminar


3. EBCL Paris Seminar


4. EBCL Interim Report (Internal Only)


5. EBCL Berlin Seminar (Pre-Seminar documents)

Descriptor Presentation

Supporting files


6. European Symposium

  1. Main Document: EBCL A1-A2+ Can-do Statements Oct 2012 (PDF, 70 pages)
  2. AppendicesSupporting Documents for CDS Oct 2012 (PDF, 46 pages)
  3. Presentations:

Day 1: EBCL European Symposium Day 1 + EBCL D1 – Challenges

Day 2: EBCL European Symposium Day 2

* These are work-in-progress presentations which are not included in the EBCL product at this stage.



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