Profile of Intercultural Experiences

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An intercultural experience, in this context, broadly refers to your experience of communicating with one or more than one in Mandarin Chinese, whether your interlocutor is of Chinese origin or not (e.g. a French speaks with a German in Chinese, an Italian speaks with a Chinese in Chinese).

Please record your experiences following the questions which help you recall what happened to you, mostly, through the use of (Chinese) language in real-life communication.

You are encouraged to use simplified Chinese to fill in the form if you are able to but English can always be used throughout the form.

This profile form (Version 1) is designed by Liang Wang from EBCL/SOAS Team.

Acknowledgement: The content of this form is adapted from Prof M. Byram’s (1997) IC model.


Your Intercultural Experiences (Web page)


You may also need to refer to the following supporting files when filling in the above form:




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