School Partners

List of Associated School Partners for EBCL Project 2010

ASP1 (in UK with SOAS)

Name Kingsford Community School, UK
Contact details Ms Linying Liu 

Head of Chinese and Confucius Classroom Kingsford Community School Kingsford Way
Beckton, London E6 5JG, UK


Tel:      ++444 (0) 20 7476 4700 ext 228


General info Kingsford Community School is a mixed comprehensive community school for students between the ages of 11 to 16 years. Located within the London Borough of Newham, Kingsford is a thriving school with Specialist Language College status and a strong reputation for providing the highest quality educational opportunities in an inclusive student environment. It has a local and national reputation for our innovative teaching, international links and teaching of Mandarin, which is compulsory for all pupils for a period of their study in the school. In addition, it also provides Mandarin tuition to neighbouring primary schools. Whilst it upholds traditional values, academic achievement and standards of behaviour, it is an innovative school responding to the changing needs of its students and the demands of higher education and employers.


ASP 2 (in Germany with FUB)

Name Geschwister Scholl Gesamtschule, Dortmund, Germany
Contact details

Dr. Christina Neder

Head of Chinese Courses (Fachvorsitzende Chinesisch) Geschwister Scholl Gesamtschule Comprehensive School/ English Partial Immersions School Haferfeldstr. 3-5


Tel. ++ 31 (0) 231-4773440


General info Geschwister Scholl Gesamtschule is a mixed comprehensive community school teaching students from grade 5 to grade 13. Located in a welcoming and green area in Dortmund – Brackel on the outskirts of the industrialized Ruhr area. Geschwister Scholl Gesamtschule comprises 1400 students and more than 100 teachers. In the tradition of the sisters Hans and Sophie Scholl, two resistance fighters during World War II after whom the school is named, it teaches traditional values such as tolerance, honesty, moral courage. 

Geschwister Scholl Gesamtschule has a strong reputation for teaching foreign languages. Besides other languages such as English – in which it also provides bilingual lessons from grade 5 to grade 13 -, French, Latin and Spanish it is the only German school to offer Mandarin courses from grade 6 to grade 13. It is also one of few German schools providing the opportunity to take final examinations (Abitur) in Chinese.

Moreover, it annually takes part in creative Chinese competitions as well as in HSK and, besides its partnerships to schools in the USA, maintains contact to schools in Xian and Tianjin (Tianjin Foreign Language School) for the purpose of international student exchanges.


ASP3 (in France with Rennes 2)

Name Collège-Lycée Emile Zola de Rennes, France
Contact details Isabelle Pillet  

Collège-Lycée Emile Zola de Rennes 2 Avenue Janvier – BP54444
35700 RENNES, France


Tel:  ++33 6 83 22 66 19


General info The Collège (junior high school)-Lycée (senior high school) Emile ZOLA is located in the centre of Rennes, in Brittany, France. It is one of the oldest public schools of France. It existed already in the 11th century. The Lycée was opened by Napoléon, in 1802. It is one of the six French lycées opened by Napoléon still working today. There are 1050 students in the lycée, 400 in the collège. 

The Chinese class started in September 1979, just 30 years ago. This school is the biggest French school as for the number of students who study Chinese. The students can start study Chinese when entering senior high school (213 students took Chinese as a third foreign language) or junior high school (30 students this year took Chinese as a first foreign language equal to English). There are also 51 students studying Chinese as second foreign language. Those numbers are going to increase in the next years. It is very likely that there will be all together close to 480 students that will be involved into studying Chinese in 2012. In 2011, the school will have a Chinese international class.

The level of the students is going higher each year. The students start to study Chinese younger, and the school started a “oriental section class”; in 2002, in which a class of history and geography is given in Chinese.   Last year, 60 students applied for Elementary HSK language certificate. 26 of them obtained C level, 3 of them obtained the B level.

Since 2001, our partner school is Jinan Foreign Language School, located in Jinan, Shandong. We send to China around 36 students each year. From this year on, we are having 2 language sessions in Jinan, one in October (2 weeks) and one during the summer vacations (4 weeks). We plan to send some students for a longer time in the future years. The JFLS sends to Rennes some short term students and long term students. The long term students stay for a whole school year in our school. It represents a very good preparation for upper studies in France when they wish. And it is frequently their wish. So, we have organised a group of senior high schools and universities and “grandes écoles” in Rennes, in order to organize their stay and help them to choose their upper studies.


ASP4 (in Italy with La Sapienza)

Name The Convitto Nazionale di Roma “Vittorio Emanuele II”, Italy
Contact details Dr. Emilio Fatovic 

The Convitto Nazionale di Roma “Vittorio Emanuele II” Piazza Monte Grappa, 5 00195 Roma, Italy


Tel: +39 (0) 6 3203524


General info The foundation of the Convitto Nazionale of Rome goes back to the Pontificio Collegio Clementino founded in 1595. It turned into a public institution in 1891. It is now a State co-educational boarding and day school which incorporates Primary, Junior and High School. The latter is divided into Classical, Scientific and European High School. 

Started in 1993, the European High School adheres strictly to the Maastricht programme and the educational guidelines laid down by the European Union. It offers an innovative course of studies with an emphasis not only on the humanities but also on a wide range of other subjects. Great attention is given to language teaching, focusing on English and French, which are also used to teach Geography and History of Art.   To further enrich the curricula offered by the Convitto and to promote its international approach, in September 2009 a new section of the Scientific High School was started, where Chinese is taught as a curricular language for five years. This “oriental section” also provides bilingual lessons of History and Geography. This is the first school to provide this opportunity in Italy and constitutes a precious opportunity to extend this experience to other schools in the whole country.

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