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The European Benchmarking Chinese Language Project (EBCL) teams and partners met again at Freie University Berlin between 27th and 29th April 2012, with its second day as an open consultation. In 2011, EBCL project held two seminars at Rome (20th-21st May) and Paris (14th-15th October) respectively to frame and flesh out the project progressively.

The Berlin Seminar started its first day to report to and seek advice from the Advisory Board the main issues concerned with the project. Two members of the Board, Professor Wolfgang Mackiewicz, president of European Language Council from Freie University Berlin, Germany and Professor Federico Masini, Vice President of the University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy, in joint supervision with Professor Anne Pauwels from SOAS, University of London, offered insightful suggestions in the discussion. Professor Joel Bellassen, from INALCO/La Belle Gabrielle (Research and Doctoral Studies), Paris, who had scheduled to attend the seminar, took the regret to cancel his flight due to his unexpected health problem. However, he was contacted to offer some thoughts and opinions through telecommunication.

The second day was set for an open-day event to a cohort of educationists and teachers of Chinese language from different institutions across Europe. With advanced provision of files for reference and consultation, the participants actively joined in the discussion and workshops to give feedback on the project interim outcomes ranging the A1-A2 level descriptors for different language use in communicative activities (Reception, Production and Interaction) to materials eliciting their micro aspects of language use (Themes/Topics, Language Functions, Lexical/Character and Grammar Items). Through a blended series of presentation, discussion and workshop, the day proved interactive and productive.

The last day was dedicated to synthesise the outcomes of the discussions and consultation, and to plan the follow-up plans and actions to complete and deliver the project. It was agreed that the Level A of EBCL benchmarking should be fully developed in all aspects as CEFR indicates while a reasonably qualified proposal to B1 level should be outlined based on the CEFR documents. The members also discussed the possible ways of delivery at the project promotion event in late September 2012 and subsequent publication issues.


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