EBCL London Seminar 3

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EBCL London Seminar 3

SOAS, University of London




Sponsored by London Confucius Institute, the SOAS team of the European Benchmarking Chinese Language (EBCL) project organised its additional seminar with a group of 15 teachers of Chinese and professionals in examination from various UK institutions at Room 559, College Building, SOAS on 29th September, 2012.


This seminar was considered important and practical for both UK-based teachers and examination board members to have a meaningful discussion and critical review of a number of hot issues the project team have encountered. The morning session started with examining and interpreting some categories of CEFR Can-do statements which provide the basis of EBCL language competence descriptors. It was followed by the introduction of grammatical and lexical items proposed by the EBCL project teams. After a brief lunch break, participants continued with a range of issues that have been in debate, for example, graphemic control and the role of pinyin in Chinese language learning and use, as well as in examination. In the round-up session, implications for teaching and assessment, achievements and challenges of the project work were widely discussed and further actions to develop the project were proposed.


Overall, participants agreed that CEFR is, to a large extent, applicable to Chinese language teaching in terms of oral communicative purposes. For written communication, it would demand much more time in comparison to European languages, because of the uniqueness of Chinese language features such as character recognition and production. Participants were convinced that the project would have its significance to the areas of teaching, learning, assessment, policy-making, course material publishing of Chinese language in the foreseeable future.


On behalf of the project, SOAS team also extended its welcome to the participants on-site and associated to attend its final event – the European Symposium on Benchmarking Chinese Language at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium on 19th and 20th October.





Sponsor: London Confucius Institute


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